Chief of Defence: “The efforts towards military integration into NATO will continue”

The fact that Finland is accepted as a NATO member before Sweden will not have any major consequences for Sweden, according to Chief of Defence Micael Bydén.
“Our efforts towards a Swedish membership continue unabatedly”, says Bydén. Our current cooperation with NATO and Finland will not be affected in any way.

ÖB gör honnör
ÖB gör honnör
“I am convinced that Sweden will become a member of the alliance", says Supreme Commander Micael Bydén. Photo: Bezav Mahmod/Swedish Armed Forces

Nor will the Finnish membership have any immediate effects on the security situation in Sweden, he continues:

“We would have preferred to be approved together, obviously, but short-term it’s less important. We’ve have already been granted invitee status and the ensuing security guarantees from NATO”, Bydén says.

Should the accession process be lengthy, the situation may change, he adds.

“If it were to take years, Sweden would have to adjust its defence plans”, Bydén says. 

However, the Chief of Defence is confident that Sweden will follow in Finland’s footsteps shortly.

“I am convinced that Sweden will become a member of the alliance and that we will be able to contribute to security and stability in our region, together with NATO. We are ready”, says Bydén.