The Navy is reinforced by a corvette

On 4 May, the Navy welcomed back corvette HMS Gävle. The corvette has been undergoing modernisation for a number of years, but has now been returned to the Swedish Armed Forces from the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration.

Corvette with crew at sea
Corvette with crew at sea
The ship was delivered to the Navy on 4 May 2022. Photo: Maja Hansson/Swedish Armed Forces
Crew on the bridge
The bridge on HMS Gävle. Photo: Melina Westerberg/Swedish Armed Forces
Corvette at sea
Gothenburg Class Corvette HMS Gävle, vessel number K 22 was launched in 1990. Photo: Maja Hansson/Swedish Armed Forces

The modernisation of HMS Gävle, and her sister ship HMS Sundsvall, has kept the hull intact, but the inside has been remodelled with state-of-the-art technology, which has more weapons effect in naval combat on, above and below the surface. Following the modernisation, the previous Gothenburg class corvettes will be Gävle class corvettes.
“I welcome HMS Gävle and her crew back, now we have an additional ship that can contribute to the permanently ongoing sea surveillance and participate in exercises to increase our capability. Considering the development and events in our vicinity, she is a particularly welcome contribution that will make a difference,” says Robert Schöllin, Commander of the 4th Naval Warfare Flotilla.

The work to modernise the ship has been carried out at the SAAB shipyard in Karlskrona, where work now continues on the sister ship HMS Sundsvall, which is estimated to be ready for delivery to the Swedish Armed Forces later this year. Some of the changes on the ships are a completely new sensor park with improved surveillance radar and fire-control systems, as well as new systems for command and control and navigation. The galley has also undergone a complete renovation.

In 2012, HMS Gävle was removed from service and sent to the shipyard for half-time modification. Due to the financial situation of the Swedish Armed Forces at the time, the process was delayed, however, work was later resumed. The Swedish Armed Forces now welcomes the reinforcement and growth that the two corvettes entail.