Norwegian liaison officer arrived in Sweden

The Swedish NATO membership application was formally signed on Tuesday. Later on, the first liaison officer from a NATO member state arrived at the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters in Stockholm. ”Norway will support Sweden during the accession process”, says Lieutenant-Colonel Asle Strand from the Norwegian defence.

Lieutenant-Colonel Asle Strand, liaison officer, on his first day of service at the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters in Stockholm, Tuesday 17 May, which is also Norway’s national holiday. Photo: Henrik Rådmark/Försvarsmakten

In the coming months, liaison officers from several NATO member states will serve at the Headquarters. Lieutenant-Colonel Asle Strand is the first on the new job.

”I am here to prove that words are translated into action regarding the support to Sweden” he says.

Sweden’s and Finland’s applications for NATO membership are much appreciated in Norway, which has been a member since 1949.

”This is looking good. Sweden is already well-adapted to NATO procedures and used to the working methods”, says Asle Strand.

Sweden already has a liaison officer at the Norwegian northern headquarters, FOH, in Bodö.