Release of a new documentary series about the dramatic history of the Swedish Navy

This year marks the 500-year anniversary of the Swedish Navy. On 21 April 2022, the first episode of the documentary series ”500 years of the Navy – Half a Millennium of People, Sea and Conflicts” will air live on the Swedish Armed Forces’ YouTube channel. The series is part of the jubilee celebrations.

A modern battle ship and an East Indiaman ship
A modern battle ship and an East Indiaman ship
The present and the past co-exist - Corvette HMS Visby and the East Indiaman ship Götheborg II. Photo: Helicopter Wing/Swedish Armed Forces
Man onboard a corvette.
Melker Becker is the host of the series "500 years of the Navy – Half a Millennium of People, Sea and Conflicts". Photo: Pannrummet

The Navy has produced the series with the objective to increase public awareness about the service branch and their operations in peace, crisis and war.

"The awareness about the Navy and their operations among the general public is quite limited. As is the understanding of the threats that the Navy must face. As part of the jubilee, we are now telling the story of why the Navy was established, capability and the important role of the sea for Swedish interests and welfare over the years. The series also explains the need to protect Swedish shipping and to guarantee open sea routes", says Rebecca Landberg, head of communications in the Navy.

The series describes secret facilities and locations that have played a major role in the history of the Navy. The show tells tales of submarine dramas, suspicious accidents, historic events, personal stories and experiences of international missions. You will also learn about sea mines and mine clearance in the Baltic Sea, casts a light on the art of engineering, as well as on the importance of the Navy to produce good materiel to make a country superior to an adversary. It also addresses the need to keep on developing in order to be able to face new threats and adapt to new tasks.

The show also addresses the future and the possible rapid change of the security situation, as well as the importance of always being prepared for an unpredictable situation.

The first episode is aired on the Swedish Armed Forces’ YouTube channel on 21 April, at 7 pm. Then it will also be possible to chat with representatives of the Navy. The following episodes will be released in April and May 2022.