Continued reinforced sea surveillance

Combat vessels from the Third and Fourth Naval Warfare Flotillas have patrolled the sea to a larger extent than normal. Along the Swedish southern coast, the ships have demonstrated presence and gathered information.

Visbykorvett i blåst.
Visbykorvett i blåst.
Visby corvettes and patrol ships have patrolled the sea in the past weeks, gathering information. Photo: Jimmie Adamsson/Swedish Armed Forces

“The crews have worked long periods at sea, in severe weather with waves above 4 meters in certain periods. They have done an excellent job, despite harsh conditions”, says Jenny Ström, Commanding Officer at the Third Naval Warfare Flotilla.

The Navy’s contributions have not only included ships at sea but also logistics personnel, sea surveillance centres and staff personnel. The Swedish Armed Forces monitors the situation in Sweden’s immediate surroundings very carefully and is able to reallocate military resources quickly depending on the situation.

”We constantly adapt our preparedness to the current situation and we are always ready to act. We will also redeploy our ground units that have been allocated to Gotland. Units and resources are continuously distributed in a balanced way across the country. It is a natural part of our activity”, says Chief of Joint Operations of the Swedish Armed Forces, Michael Claesson.

The Swedish Armed Forces’ units can solve tasks below as well as above the surface, in the air, on the ground and in the cyber domain. The territorial activities are run through the military regions that cooperate with civil authorities and actors at regional and local level.