This is the reason why the Swedish Armed Forces continues to exercise

Recently, the decision was made to postpone the extensive military exercise Aurora 20, which was planned for May. However, that does not mean that the Swedish Armed Forces is halting all of their exercises. All service branches are set to conduct final exercises for conscript staff.

"At this time, when society is vulnerable and under much pressure, it is imperative that we maintain Sweden’s readiness and security," Lieutenant General Johan Svensson, head of Training and Development, says.

The current situation in the world is much more unpredictable, unstable and complex than before, due to the current pandemic. What the world will look like, and how other countries will behave after the pandemic, is difficult to predict. Therefore, it is paramount that Sweden’s defence capability is maintained and remains visible.

"Exercises are necessary for a strong and credible defence, and for our capacity to meet challenges and events, now and in the future," Lieutenant General Johan Svensson continues.

The annual naval exercise Swenex starts in May. At the same time, several of the final exercises of the Army and Air force will be conducted. All exercises this year are smaller than the planned Aurora 20, and all exercises have taken measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

"It is vital for the conscript personnel that they are allowed to finish their training – for them as individuals, but also for Sweden – in this way they can contribute to the defence of Sweden," Lieutenant General Svensson says.

The task assigned to the Swedish Armed Forces by the Swedish Parliament and government is clear: to protect Sweden’s freedom through military defence. This task must be fulfilled.

"It is vital that we maintain our capacity, while at the same time assisting other government agencies with all of the skills, competences and resources that we have at our disposal."