Time to take stock of Trident Juncture 18

Trident Juncture is now over, the vehicles have been unloaded, the emergency maintenance of equipment is completed and the Swedish personnel are on their way home to their units for some well-deserved rest. But how did the exercise go?

Trident Juncture 18 is now over. Photo: Jonas Helmersson/Swedish Armed Forces
Trident Juncture 18 is now over. Photo: Alexander Gustavsson/Swedish Armed Forces
Trident Juncture 18 is now over. Photo: Mats Nyström/Swedish Armed Forces

“We are essentially satisfied with how everything went. We must of course wait for a detailed evaluation, but as far as we can assess, we have achieved the Swedish Armed Forces’ objectives in all respects, even though we always learn important lessons during an exercise”, says Major General Michael Claesson.

He points out that Sweden has once again demonstrated good capacity to execute combat missions in an international environment.
“And most importantly – those parts that will be included in the NATO Response Force (NRF), i.e. the corvettes and JAS Gripen, now have the input for a future certification.

When it comes to the ground units, the exercise has also gone well, according to Michael Claesson.
“Some friction always occurs in multi-nationally combined units. Joint exercises and interoperability are complex, but given the short preparation time, I am very pleased with the result. Exercises with other nations are always important for the development of our military capabilities.”

Host nation support has also been an important part of the exercise. F 21 has been working on hosting foreign air wings and ensuring that they can be fully operational.
“We have also accomplished the inward and outward transport in a satisfactory way”, says Michael Claesson.

Appreciative signals about Sweden´s participation have come from both top military commanders and at unit level, both from the NATO countries and Finland.
“And it has been praise that goes beyond the normal courtesy.”

At the same time as the Trident Juncture exercise is now being wound up, Command and control exercise 18 is starting, and is using the same scenario, i.e. an assumed attack on Norway, but now to train the military strategic command of national operations while NATO carries out operations in the immediate vicinity.

“To everyone who has participated in Trident Juncture, I would like to extend warm and heartfelt gratitude to you for having contributed with a safe and professional performance to the positive image of the Swedish Armed Forces’ capability, which is an important part of the result. We have measured our forces in relation to and against the world’s most modern combat forces and have accomplished it with honour”, says Michael Claesson.