New Commanding Officer at SWEDINT

On Monday, Colonel Ronnie Nilsson, formally took charge of SWEDINT at a Handover/Takeover ceremony at the centre at the Lifeguards Regiment. The new commanding officer spoke of the challenges that the Swedish Armed Forces International Centre faces in an increasingly complex world, where new demands are put on peacekeepers.

SWEDINT, Change of command
SWEDINT, Change of command
Photo: Jan Gustafsson / SWEDINT

“I think it’s important to take advantage of our existing qualities while finding new ways to meet tomorrow’s needs”, said col Nilsson.

Col Nilsson has previously commanded the Swedish EOD and Demining Centre – SWEDEC – as well as well as being heavily involved in the setup of the Swedish contingency to Mali. He has also been on missions to Kosovo and Afghanistan.

Col Nilsson’s predecessor, Col Peter Fredriksson, has taken up the post of commanding officer for The Armed Forces Centre for Defence Medicine in Gothenburg.