Captain Melina Clerc just finished two intensive weeks at the Multinational Tactical Planning Course (MTPC) at SWEDINT. Capt Clerc took part of the course in preparation for a planning process at her workplace, the headquarters of European Gendarmerie Force (EUROGENDFOR) in Vicenza, Italy.

Photo: Jan Gustafsson, SwAF
Photo: Jan Gustafsson, SwAF

“It has been very interesting; the MTPC is a good mix between theoretical lectures and practice. And it is a lot to learn in a relatively short time, so you need to focus”, says Capt Clerc.

The MTPC enables participants to work as planners within, or towards, a NATO led multinational headquarter in a Peace Support Operation. As the Gendarmerie is a police force, albeit with military status, a few terms and acronyms were new to her, but on the whole interaction with her course colleagues from went without problems.

Not all military officers were familiar with the Gendarmerie, so for Capt Clerc it was also an opportunity to tell them more about EUROGENDFOR - a multinational police force born to participate in the stabilisation of crises and conflict areas outside the European Union, by carrying out missions in support of the European Union, United Nations, OSCE, NATO and similar coalitions.