NCGM’s work appreciated by president Obama

In connection with the recent visit of presidents and prime ministers from the Nordic countries to U.S. president Obama, the White House press office published a joint U.S.-Nordic statement praising the work of the Nordic Centre for Gender in Military Operations, NCGM.

An excerpt from the full statement read: "Women's full and meaningful participation in all aspects of social and political life is key to sustainable peace, security and development.  The Nordic countries and the United States believe that gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls are important goals in their own right, as well as powerful instruments for building human capacity and promoting social and political stability.  The United States and the Nordic countries will continue empowering women and highlighting the importance of women’s active participation in conflict prevention and resolution, peace processes, mediation, peacemaking, peacekeeping, humanitarian response, and post-conflict reconstruction as set forth in UNSCR 1325 and its progeny.

Both the Nordic Women Mediators’ Network and the Nordic Centre for Gender in Military Operations are valuable contributions.  We reaffirm the importance of making all efforts to prevent gender-based and sexual violence, to support victims, and to hold perpetrators to account in order to redress the culture of impunity that often surrounds such acts of violence. The United States and the Nordic countries encourage partners to join the initiative Call to Action on Protection from gender-based Violence in Emergencies, for which Sweden recently took over the chairmanship from the United States.  We are committed to strengthening the UN Peace and Security Agenda."

The statement in full: