The Multinational Tactical Planning Course

In a few days participants are finishing their three-week Multinational Tactical Planning course (MTPC) at SWEDINT. Aiming to familiarise and prepare nationally trained staff officers from NATO and Partnership countries with NATO planning procedures for peace support operations, the MTPC has been held five times at SWEDINT since its inception in 2014, training 123 participants from 22 countries around the world.

Swedint Course MTPC 1 2016
Swedint Course MTPC 1 2016
Capt. Roland Sels-Agerstein in Afghanistan Photo: Roland Sels-Agerstein

The MTPC is conducted under the auspices of Nordic Defence Cooperation and if you ask Captain Roland Sels-Agerstein from Norway, participating in the course has been time well spent.

 - I don’t have a concrete peace-keeping assignment to prepare for, but since in my position I must be able to leave on short notice, doing this course is excellent preparation.

 He particularly appreciates the multinational dimension that studying with colleagues from other countries gives, even before going out on a mission.

 - There is a lot of experience here from different places and the lessons and training apart we have many really interesting discussions. I also think that the level of the course was just right, says Cpt Sels-Agerstein.

Given a failed state scenario, participants will, among other things, learn to apply the Operations Planning Process, based on the Comprehensive Operations Planning Directive; explain the nature of modern conflicts and its relation to culture, cultural differences and a variety of actors; and given a generic brigade structure explain the brigade organisation, capabilities and basic tactics.

Course Director Lieutenant Colonel Björn-Iver Soleim sees the MTPC as a key component in the preparation for taking part in a NATO-led peace support operation, for any staff officer.

 - The opportunity of practicing interoperability and the procedures and its terminology in a multinational environment is very important. You learn a lot from that. We also get quite a few speakers from NATO Command Structure and NATO Force Structure to the course, which adds to the experience, says Lt Col Soleim.

The next MTPC course will be held at SWEDINT 5-23 September 2016. More information about the courses at SWEDINT and how to apply for them can be found here.