“The best Battlegroup so far”

Nordic Battlegroup’s mission – to be ready as a strong contributor to the EU crisis management capability – will be completed on the 30th of June. In order to celebrate and honour the achievements of the personnel at the Force Headquaters, the Headquaters Company, the Electronic Warfare Unit and the Multinational Police Unit a Closing down Ceremony was held in Enköping. 

20150611 Enköping LedR NBG avslutning
20150611 Enköping LedR NBG avslutning
Operational Commander Major General Bengt Andersson Photo: Niklas Ehlén/Försvarsmakten
20150611 Enköping LedR NBG avslutning
Photo: Niklas Ehlén/Försvarsmakten

“Thank you for all the hard work you have done and for your part in making this Force Headquaters and Nordic Battlegroup 15 a force to count on. The Nordic Battlegroup is the best Battlegroup so far” says the designated Operational Commander Major General Bengt Andersson.

Major General Bengt Anderson was one of many who praised the Nordic Battlegroup. Ambassadors, representatives from the European Military Staff and representatives from the seven contribution nations could be found among the visitors at the ceremony.

“Deployed or not - the Nordic Battlegroup has made the cooperation stronger between our countries. Stronger on all levels – from us the soldiers on the ground to the leaders in our capitals. I hope that we can continue that good cooperation”, says Force Commander Torbjörn Larsson.