On 19 May 2015, SWEDINT welcomed the UN Special Representative of the Secretary General on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Zainab Bangura, to the Life Guards Regiment. The Office of the SRSG and the Nordic Centre for Gender in Military Operations (NCGM) at SWEDINT has had a longstanding cooperation which intensified last year during the Expert Meeting on Training Military to Combat Sexual Violence in Conflict.

Photo: Thorsten Hagelberg

Ms. Bangura briefed Col. Peter Fredriksson, Commanding Officer of SWEDINT of her recent missions to Syria and Iraq and the widespread and institutionalized use of sexual violence in in the region. The meeting discussed ways to effectively operationalize prevention and response to conflict-related sexual violence in military operations. Ms. Bangura commended SWEDINT NCGM for integrating prevention of sexual violence in its international training courses for military personnel, stating that the new module on combatting sexual violence was impressive in the way it draws on international best practice applied to military operational planning processes and interactive training techniques adapted to the training audience.

Cdr. Jan Dunmurray, Commanding Officer of NCGM, underlined the value of the cooperation with the SRSG in ensuring delivery of high quality training, in line with international standards and current situational awareness. “We are glad that the excellent cooperation will continue and be of mutual benefit. Ms Banguras work is commendable and we are pleased and honored to support her office”.