UNTAC 2015 completed

united nations tactical course

UNTAC; the United Nations Tactical Course, is a theoretical and hands-on mixed course targeted for non-commissioned officers, warrant officers and officer working on squad, platoon and company levels. Its overall aim is to develop and improve skills and manners on peacekeeping techniques in a generic UN-mission. Most participants are those whom are destined for deployment on any of the various UN-missions.

The course is mainly based on the UN Infantry Battalion Manual and the NORDCAPS PSO Tactical Manual – but not least the instructors own experiences from different missions and international training. At our recent course the instructors came from Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark and Norway. Important for a course like the UNTAC are the 45-something role-players – the youngest 20 years old and the oldest 83 years old – who themselves, to a large degree, are missions´ veterans that ensures realistic training scenarios; interacting as situations develops. The students this year came from 7 different countries, including one large contingent from Switzerland. For most of our students this is their first experience of the UN and peacekeeping training while some have been deployed but wishes to be updated on the latest experiences. Training in a multinational environment provides educational synergy when achieving one of the purposes of the course: to share experiences and to obtain international military cultural awareness. The course runs for two weeks, where the first week is centred on basic knowledge on UN systems, Rules of Engagement, UN military primary tasks, etc. in order to found common manners and understanding before initiating practical exercises. Second week´s main educational focus lays on building relations and obtaining situational awareness in a fictive generic UN mission through conducting foot/vehicle patrol-, checkpoint, - and observation duties. Second week ends with a 24 hrs field exercise where newly achieved skills are practiced.

During the weekend in-between there is a break with cultural diversion, shopping and jovial time together in Stockholm.

UNTAC is an annual course given by the Swedish International Training Centre at the Life Guard Regiment. Anyone belonging to the target group interested in attending are kindly requested to look at the SWEDINT Course Catalogue or our Facebook-page for information of when and how to apply. Next UNTAC is planned 07-18 March 2016.