NCGM holds Gender Seminar for Commanding Officers in Serbian Armed Forces

On 3 February 32 Commanding Officers attending the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff course participated in an NCGM-lead seminar about gender in military operations. The seminar was held at the Peacekeeping Operations Centre in Belgrade, Serbia.

General Staff Course I Belgrade, Serbien
General Staff Course I Belgrade, Serbien
From the left: Dr Jovanka Saranovic, Colonel Marko Zelenovic, Commander Jan Dunmurray, Major Linda Johansson Photo: PKO Center, Serbia

Main speakers were Dr Jovanka Saranovic, Gender Advisor to the Minister of Defence of Republic of Serbia, and Colonel Marko Zelenovic, Head of General Staff course at the School of National Defence. Together, they spoke of the national aspects on gender perspectives that are to be implemented in the Serbian Armed Forces and stressed the importance of these.

Commander Jan Dunmurray and Major Linda Johansson from NCGM led the seminar, showing practical examples of how gender both has operational effect in all kinds of military operations as well as increasing the overall security situation for all: men, women, boys and girls. This applies both in conflict areas as well as in our own home nations’ ordinary work. The audience, all at the level of Lieutenant Colonels, were open to discuss the subject and it was deemed to be a fruitful event.

In his final remarks Colonel Zelenovic addressed the participants by saying:

“As leaders, you will be looked upon by how you integrate this important issue, and you will be judged by all, internally in our Armed Forces and externally from the civilian society, by both men and women. It is your responsibility to implement the United Nations Security Councils Resolutions on Women Peace and Security, so you better take your role as leaders seriously.”