NATO/Partnership Multinational Tactical Planning Course at SWEDINT COMPLETED.

30 students from 14 different countries are participating in the Multinational Tactical Planning Course (MTPC) conducted at SWEDINT. The three week course is open to NATO and partner countries. The course aim is to prepare Staff Officers to serve as a planner within a tactical level headquarter in a NATO led Peace Support Operation.

The first week is focused on general orientations and NATO Doctrine lectures, conducted by subject matter experts from NATO and SWEDINT, as well as civilians with relevant experience, in order to give a broad understanding of a modern conflict and the different actors operating within a designated Area of Operation (AOO). Mission experiences from multiple modern conflicts areas can be found among the lecturers, instructors and fellow students.

Lt (Navy) Stefan Norlin from Sweden participates in the course and found it to be a good base for a possible deployment and even his daily staff work at the Navy Base, where he works at the N37 section.

Stefan said that even though he has no previous experience with the Operations Planning Process (OPP), the course was very effective at teaching a navy guy brigade operations and how to apply the OPP and Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB) to solve the tasks given to the brigade.

Lt Norlin found the syndicate work, syndicate leader and fellow students as very positive for his learning experience. He found the mixing of different branches and nationalities as very positive for the course experience.

During week two and three of the course the main content are map exercises allowing the students to train in the use of the methods taught to them, starting with a formal MAPEX 1, led by the syndicate leader. Thereafter, the MAPEX 2 allows for the students to work more independently on the execution of the planning process, and finally MAPEX 3 teaches an abbreviated method.

Lt (A) Seán Clarke from the Irish army is currently stationed in Enköping / SWEDEN as part of the Nordic Battle Group 15 Force HQ. Seán finds that the MTPC provides him with very good tools for his daily work at the BG. Seán agrees with Stefan regarding the benefits of multinational and multiservice staff training.

Seán also thought that the course would be very valuable for his colleagues in preparation for any future deployment in a multinational mission.

Last but not least, both Stefan and Seán found the supporting arrangements at SWEDINT as very good. And they’ve both found new friends during the course.

If you’re interested to share the same experience as Stefan and Seán, then you could also apply to join the MTPC at SWEDINT. It is conducted twice a year and the next course will be conducted from 31st August to 18th September 2015.