First Steering group Committee meeting

On Thursday to Friday, the 9th to 10 th of October the Nordic Centre for Gender in Military Operations (NCGM) held the first meeting of the NCGM Steering Committee. It took place at the Life Guard Regiment in Kungsängen and participants were delegations from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

The purpose of the meeting was to establish the new Steering Committee in line with the newly signed Technical Arrangement regarding maintaining and developing NCGM.

More countries than the Nordic have shown a great interest in and commitment to the work of NCGM. The establishment of the Centre is now an implemented activity, initiated by Nordic Defense Cooperation (NORDEFCO). The new Steering Committee will take over the role NORDEFCO had in steering NCGM forward and future partners will have the opportunity to become members.

The Commander of NCGM Cdr Jan Dunmurray together with the two Section Heads, LtCol Grethe Stensland and Maj Linda Johansson see this meeting and establishment of the new active Steering Committee as one important milestone for NCGM to improve their effectiveness in order to reach a full operational capacity.  

As a Department Head, NCGM will continue in supporting nations and organizations in apply a gender perspective to increase operational effect in providing security to men, women, boys and girls.