NATO/Partnership Multinational Tactical Planning Course (MTPC)

25 students from 10 different countries are participating in the Multinational Tactical Planning Course (MTPC) conducted at SWEDINT. The three week course is open to NATO and partner countries and aims to prepare the participants for service in a multinational staff on tactical level. 

Maj Marco Stolba, to the right Photo: Thorsten Hagelberg/SWEDINT

The first week focused on general orientations, conducted by subject matter experts from NATO as well as SWEDINT, in order to give a broad understanding of a modern conflict and the different actors operating within a designated AOO. In total more than 15 lectures were given, including one by Brigadier James Woodham, Commander 7th Armoured Brigade (UK) who shared his experiences from his brigades recent deployment to ISAF, Afghanistan.

Lt (N) Alexander Janson from Sweden participates in the course and think that the course is very useful and a great way to exchange experience within the multinational community. 
- I appreciate the mixture of theory and practical staff work, preferably in a role as G-3/5 planner. This is outside my area of competence and gives me an overall understanding of the plan and how comprehensive planning intends to be executed Lt (N) Janson says.

During week two and three of the course the main content are map exercises where the participants form up three syndicates. The syndicates conduct three different planning tasks for a brigade operation taken place in a fictitious scenario.

Another participant in the course is Maj Marco Stolba from Switzerland. He currently serves as Operations planner (J 3/5) at the Armed Forces Joint Staff in his home country. The course helps him to get better knowledge about the NATO Operations Planning Process (OPP) and a Peace Support Operation environment. From his point of view one of the most interesting aspects with the course is to work in a multinational environment.
Maj Stolba wants to highlight the Map Exercises as very beneficial;
- The Map Exercises are well prepared. We are doing intensive staff work which is quite realistic, supported by good lectures and experienced instructors and speakers.
He will definitely recommend the course to colleagues, not only to those appointed for missions, but also to officers working in a national headquarter.

The MTPC is conducted at SWEDINT twice a year. The course has been developed during the past year in order to be up to date with the context of a modern conflict as well as NATO doctrines and planning process.The course is conducted by SWEDINT within the NORDEFCO framework, with the core of instructors from Sweden as well as Norway, Denmark and Finland. The next course will be conducted 2nd of February until 20th of February 2015