Gender Training of Trainers Course, successfully conducted in Croatia 21-29 May 2014

The Gender Training of Trainers course (GToT) at RACVIAC training Centre just outside Zagreb/Croatia was finalized 29th May. The Nordic Centre for Gender in Military Operations (NCGM) mobile Education and Training Team in cooperation with the Croatian Armed Forces has successfully conducted the GToT, and 19 trainers at the ranks from Staff Sergeant to Colonel are now ready to take upon the task to conduct military training with an integrated gender perspective.

Since the course is about preparing military instructors and trainers to effectively integrate a gender perspective in their respective education and training programme, the students are now able to integrate Gender at all levels in their respective ordinary area of work. 

The course use different educational methods and models to show the participants a variety of options, to give them several tools to use when performing education and training at their own level after the course. Lectures, seminars, panel discussions, videos, ADL-courses, syndicate works and role plays are some of the methods they have been presented to.

"The final exam was to plan and conduct an individual presentation of a training event with a gender perspective included. This was done in a very good way and I was really pleased to see how the participants succeeded to include the new knowledge and apply it into a training event they can use in their ordinary work when leaving the course", says Course Director, LtCol Grethe Stensland from NCGM.