Last week for UNCIVSOC

United Nations Civilian Staff Officers Course, UNCIVSOC.

Monday 12 of May 13 students from eight different nations began studying at the UNCIVSOC, United Nations Civilian Staff Officer Course at SWEDINT. The course is the first out of two courses for this year and is conducted under the umbrella of NORDEFCO.

The UN Civil Staff Officer Course (UNCIVSOC) is a two week long course and is conducted twice a year. The main learning objectives are that the student shall be able to:

  • Describe how a contemporary UN mission is built and the characteristics of integration
  • Explain the meaning of multidimensionality

During the two weeks the participants will interact with police and military student´s within the framework of a multidimensional/Integrated UN field mission. The course starts with practical and theoretical classes and discussions on subjects like International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights (HR), Security Sector Reform (SSR), Disarmament Demobilisation and Reintegration (DDR) and Gender perspective in UN Operations.
The participants have also a fictive country scenario to study and finalise a conflict analysis in order to understand different dynamics.
The course ends with a Multidimensional/Integrated staff exercise were the participants will act as members of the DDR Unit, Human Rights Component, Protection of Civilians Unit, Electoral Affairs and Civil Affairs were the end state is to make work plans based on how to implement the mandate given from the UN Security Council.
The staff exercise is conducted fully integrated with the UN Staff Officer Course (UNSOC) and is supported by very skilled Civil, Military and Police mentors and role players. This course concept gives the students a unique opportunity to learn from each other and the understanding of the characteristics of integration and what the meaning with multidimensionality is will make the students more efficient for future UN field work.