NCGM in Sarajevo

At PSO Training Centre conducting a Gender Training of Trainers Course.

As part of gender capacity building in Western Balkans region, the cooperation between NCGM and UNDP SEESAC has resulted in conducting a Gender Training of Trainers (GToT) course. The course is hosted by the Peace Support Operations Training Centre (PSOTC) in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. PSOTC has already shown a great interest in implementing a gender perspective in their activities and have personnel with experience in the subject.

To the NCGM, the PSOTC is a great partner and our cooperation works very smoothly”,  says Jan Dunmurray, the Commander of NCGM and in lead of the team conducting the training course. 

The course is the ten day course normally conducted at SWEDINT, Sweden.

Major Ola Nilsson, who is the Course Director, explains that this is the first time NCGM conducts a full course outside its own location at SWEDINT. He continues; “We are five instructors and lecturers from NCGM supported by three assistant syndicate leaders from the Ministry of Defence of Serbia, the Ministry of Defence of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and PSOTC who will conduct this course starting today. The participants are from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia as well as Montenegro and after the course they will be able to educate and train others in respective nations armed forces and security sector”.

Both Cdr Jan Dunmurray and Dr. Ivan Zverzhanovski, Coordinator of UNDP/SEESAC which sponsors the project, agree that this is an important step in order to integrate gender perspectives in the region.

“This is the first course of its kind, however I am convinced that our mutual commitment to implement gender perspectives and the cooperation between NCGM, UNDP/SEESAC and PSOTC will continue and increase during the years to come”, says Jan Dunmurray.