The first Swedint course completed 2014.

Successful completion of the Gender Field Advisor course

The Nordic Centre for Gender in Military Operations (NCGM) has finalized the first Gender Field Advisor (GFA) course of 2014.

Students from France, Benin and Belgium discussing in their syndicate. Photo: Li Hammar, NCGM - SWEDINT
One of many practical elements conducted during the sessions. Photo: Li Hammar, NCGM - SWEDINT
Students from France, Argentina and Finland in the lecture hall. Photo: Li Hammar, NCGM - SWEDINT
Syndicate work between an Argentinian and Namibian student. Photo: Li Hammar, NCGM - SWEDINT

The aim of the course was to prepare future Gender Advisors and Gender Field Advisors in how to integrate a gender perspective into military operations. The course took place between January 27th and February 7th at SWEDINT with 28 participants representing 13 different nations. The students had very different backgrounds, all sharing valuable experiences.

“The students at the GFA course have been very engaged in the Gender topic” says the Course Director LtCol Grethe Stensland from NCGM. “They shared knowledge and experiences in a fantastic way.”

“The diversity in nationalities and in backgrounds prompted engaged discussions among the students and allowed sharing of examples and best practices with regards to how to implement a gender perspective” she continues.

A multitude of topics relevant to the role as a Gender Field Advisor were covered during the course.  For example an in-depth study of UNSCR 1325, related resolutions and the NATO BI SC Directive 40-1 was conducted. The theoretical elements were mixed with personal experiences from previous Gender Advisors and Gender Field Advisors. The students also practiced their ability to integrate a gender perspective in syndicates by solving case studies and working under the supervision of experienced instructors.

A new element to the course was the examination seminar in order to confirm students ability and knowledge in their new role as Gender Field Advisors.  All students passed the examination with excellence.