Welcome to attend the Commanding Officer Seminar on Gender in Military Operations in December 2013 at SWEDINT

Take the opportunity to attend the Nordic Centre for Gender in Military Operations most exclusive event coming up in December 3rd-5th 2013. The Commanding Officer Seminar is a highly valuable opportunity for Officers and Branch Heads (OF4-OF6) to receive a deeper insight in what impact integration of a gender perspective could generate in favor for military operations, through planning, execution and evaluation.

During the three day seminar a variation of speakers are invited to share the latest research, examples and lessons learned with the participants. This in addition with round table discussions will guarantee the participants a profounder knowledgeof how gender perspective can increase operational effect and act as a force multiplier.

Make sure to send your application, or advice your Commanding Officer to apply no later than November 1st 2013. For more information, please visit: www.mil.se/swedint and click on “course invitations” for a more detailed description of the seminar and how to apply.