US destroyer arrives in Stockholm

The US destroyer USS Paul Ignatius arrives in Stockholm this weekend. The ship is here to resupply and let the crew rest.

US destroyer at sea
US destroyer at sea
USS Paul Ignatius arrives in Stockholm to restock supplies. Photo: Aaron Zwaal/Royal Netherlands Air Force

“This is just a routine visit, but given the current serious security situation, all visits by important partners are increasingly important to Sweden”, says Anders Åkermark, Commander of the Navy Staff Operational Department.

USS Paul Ignatius is an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, measuring some 155 meters. The ship is armed with i.a. air defence missiles, anti-ship missiles as well as anti-submarine warfare torpedoes. The crew is comprised of some 330 officers and sailors.

Due to the aggravated security policy situation, and Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the number of ships in the Baltic Sea is ever increasing.