Adversary defeated

With fighter jets and naval units, Sweden and Finland have exercised their joint
capability of conducting anti-surface warfare against an adversary at sea. “In this type
of exercises, we test the capability of tactical command and close cooperation between all
units”, says Fredrik Ståhlberg, deputy chief of the Joint Forces Command.

Stridsflygplan över land och hav

The exercise was conducted in the northern part of the Baltic Sea with all participating units departing from their home bases in Sweden and Finland. Joint situational awareness with detailed, real-time information sharing was crucial in order to fulfil the task.
“The outcome was expected, i.e. very satisfactory. We’ve demonstrated that we’re both capable, as well as able to keep up the momentum when conducting joint operations at short notice, defending the sovereignty of our countries”, says Fredrik Ståhlberg.
The jointly planned exercise was conducted within the scope of the Swedish-Finnish defence cooperation and had been prepared for some time.
“At the same time, the Swedish Armed Forces regularly monitors all other current activities in the vicinity of Sweden. In the air, at sea and on the ground”, says Fredrik Ståhlberg.