Radio broadcast mobilisation message in connection with AURORA 23

In order to exercise mobilisation measures in a realistic way, a mobilisation message is to be broadcast on the radio at the start of the exercise AURORA 23. Swedish Radio P4 will broadcast the message across the country, much like a traffic announcement. This is part of the task Swedish Radio is assigned by the government and parliament.

Old-fashioned radio.
Old-fashioned radio.
The message is to be broadcast at the start of defence exercise AURORA 23. Photo: Unsplash

Defence exercise AURORA 23 starts on 24 April. In order to exercise mobilisation in a realistic way, the exercise will start with a radio broadcast. This is the first time this is done in modern times.

”It is possible that radio broadcasts will be used in future exercises as well. That is something we will have to decide after the exeval, in consultation with Swedish Radio”, says Lieutenant Colonel Ronnie Uddén, Head of Mobilisation Planning during AURORA 23.

At times of general mobilisation, information is disseminated in several ways, i.a. preparedness announcements, radio and TV drafting orders and drafting orders via mail.

Mobilisation message

The mobilisation message that is to be broadcast on Swedish Radio will be something like this:

”This message is part of the defence exercise AURORA 23. Today, 24 April, is the start of defence exercise AURORA 23. If you have received a draft notice to defence exercise AURORA 23 starting on 24 April, you must now present yourself at the location stated in the draft notice. The draft notice is still valid, this is merely a reminder. If you have a draft notice for a different date, you must present yourself on that date. AURORA 23 is an exercise, and the order to report for duty only includes those of you that have already received a written draft notice.”