Armed Forces Exercise AURORA 23 about to start

In two weeks time, the Armed Forces’ exercise Aurora 23 begins. The exercise is part of the continued enhancement of the Swedish Armed Forces’ operational capability. In total, some
26 000 people will take part in the exercise.

Flygplan i luften.
AURORA 23 begins on 17 April. Photo: tobfor02

Aurora 23 starts on 17 April, and will see the Army, Navy, Air Force and Home Guard exercise together with international partners. The purpose of the exercise is to enhance the collected capability to counter an armed attack on Sweden.

The exercise is carried out in the air, on the ground and at sea in many parts of the country. Most focus is to be put on south Sweden, Gotland and the northern part of the country.

Aurora 23 is the greatest national exercise of its kind for more than 25 years. It comprises 14 nations and some 26 000 women and men. Participating nations, besides Sweden, are the US, UK, Finland, Poland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Denmark, Austria, Germany and France.