Conscripts at the Air Defence Regiment weld stoves for Ukraine

As part of their welder training, conscript soldiers at the Air Defence Regiment build stoves to be sent to Ukraine.

The students use a combination of various welding methods to build the stove. Photo: Alexander Gustavsson/ Swedish Armed Forces
Svetsar för Ukraina
Kristoffer Stoltenberg is about to finish the stove. Photo: Alexander Gustavsson/Swedish Armed Forces

“I really appreciate the welding course since welding is something I do in my spare time as well”, says Kristoffer Stoltenberg who is doing his military service as a mechanic. “It feels particularly meaningful to weld something of great benefit, that will be used. It’s a powerful feeling”, he says.

The initiative to build stoves comes from Magnus Collander, one of the instructors.

“A welding course requires a lot of training and welding of scrap in order to learn the technique. I think it’s easier to benefit from the training when you know that what you’re building is going to come in handy in the near future”, says Magnus Collander.

The pace is high on the course and the stove is completed after only three days of introductory training, with the different welding methods TIG, MIG and MMA. The actual completion of the stove provides the students with a welding course diploma.