Swedish Armed Forces' emergency rescue operation in Turkey concluded

On 16 February, personnel from the Swedish Armed Forces (SwAF) and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) that participated in the rescue mission in Turkey landed in Sweden. And now the Swedish rescue operation in Turkey enters a different stage.

Soldier on top of rubble in Turkey
Soldier on top of rubble in Turkey
Swedish personnel on site in the Turkish area worst hit by the earthquake participated in the MSB-led rescue effort. Photo: Joel Thungren/Swedish Armed Forces
Search dog in the rubble in Turkey
The Swedish Armed Forces' search dogs helped to localise and save several people from the rubble. Photo: Joel Thungren/Swedish Armed Forces

The team comprising some 45 staff from the SwAF and MSB has been in the Turkish area worst affected by the earthquake for about a week to help dig out people from under the rubble. The team also brought search dogs that helped find several people alive. The team also assisted with emergency trauma care and other medical help to injured survivors.

Now, the rescue effort enters a different stage, and Sweden will focus on providing humanitarian aid to Turkey, as for example medicines and medical equipment, provisions and PPE, and to build emergency housing.

“Our staff has worked very hard and cooperated well with other rescue teams on site. As the rescue effort now enters the next stage, the SwAF continues to support the MSB by providing housing materiel, provisions and PPE”, says Major General Carl-Johan Edström, Commander Joint Forces Command.