Supreme Commander comments on the serious security situation

On 9 January, Swedish Supreme Commander gave a speech at the Society and Defence National Conference. He presented his views on Russia's offensive war against Ukraine, the pending Nato membership and the EU presidency, as well as on the expansion of the Swedish Armed Forces.

Man in military uniform
Man in military uniform
Supreme Commander Micael Bydén addressed the Folk and Försvar National Conference on 9 January. Photo: Swedish Armed Forces

"Russia has hurled Europe into the most serious security situation since the worst days of the Cold War. This has generated a number of fundamental changes in Sweden", said Supreme Commander Micael Bydén.

Supreme Commander Bydén said that the Armed Forces personnel has worked hard during 2022 and that there is no rest in sight. He also highlighted three lessons learned from the war in Ukraine.

"On good grounds, we have great aspirations concerning the cyber and space domains, as well as advanced command systems. But we must also have the capability to act when there is no electricity or communications. When it is quiet and dark. As for example, to give orders with "pen and paper", forwarded by voluntary trained and organised dispatch riders".

He also stressed the need for more access to existing material and logistics chains, as well as the capability to implement and use, oftentimes civilian, technology in the battle field.

"One of the more apparent capabilities to admire in the Ukrainian defence", said Supreme Commander Bydén and added that the security situation is a concern for us all, as citizens as well as professionals.