Two individuals charged with espionage

On Friday 11 November 2022, the Public Prosecutor brought charges against two individuals apprehended by the Swedish Security Service in autumn 2021. The individuals are suspected of espionage. One of them was employed by the Swedish Armed Forces (SwAF) between 2011 and 2014 and later also served in the Swedish Security Service.

Swedish landscape
Swedish landscape
Photo: Swedish Armed Forces

“These individuals have been charged with a very serious crime. We are pleased that they were caught and that criminal proceedings have now been brought against them. This is the result of close cooperation between the SwAF and the Swedish Security Service”, says Chief of Communications and Public Affairs, Brigadier General Peder Ohlsson.

The threat posed by foreign intelligence is assessed as high and the SwAF’s protection-worthy assets are continually subjected to attempts at intelligence collection. The intelligence operations target extensive parts of the SwAF as well as government agencies and companies that the SwAF depends on.

“Since one of the accused men served in the SwAF, a number of measures have been taken to improve the detection of potential security risks, short-term as well as long-term”, says Peder Ohlsson.

With reference to the current criminal proceedings, the SwAF makes no further comments on the matter at present.