The Swedish navy is vigilant year-round and around the clock

The serious security situation that we have become accustomed to has further deteriorated following the blasts of Nord Stream pipelines 1 and 2 last week. The Swedish Armed Forces continues to be vigilant and stands prepared to act immediately, should the need arise.

Marinsoldat tittar i kikare
Marinsoldat tittar i kikare
The navy conducts sea surveillance. Photo: Jimmie Adamsson/Swedish Armed Forces

For security reasons, the Swedish Armed Forces does not comment on the individual operations conducted. However, the Swedish Armed Forces works closely with other Swedish government agencies and with international partners. Security is built through cooperation. And for obvious reasons, the Swedish navy conducts activities in the Swedish area of interest.

“We constantly aspire to have good situational awareness in the vicinity of Sweden. We also stand prepared to immediately adapt our readiness, if necessary", says the Commander Joint Forces Command, Lieutenant General Michael Claesson.

The navy conducts operations with the purpose of asserting Swedish territory and forming good situational awareness. The constant sea surveillance conducted is a good example. With ships at sea and stationary sensor systems monitored from the shore, the navy looks for deviations in the normal picture. These deviations may provide valuable information to help form an overall picture of what is happening.

“The situation in the surrounding world is not developing in a favourable direction at the moment, but the general public may rest assured that the Swedish Armed Forces is out there, monitoring the situation”, says Michael Claesson.