The Swedish Armed Forces orders body armour adapted for women

In the future, it will be easier for women in the Swedish Armed Forces to fulfl their combat tasks. The first body armour adapted for women will soon be delivered.

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, FMV, has signed an agreement on the delivery of body armour, developed especially for women. Photo: FMV

The new body armour will be delivered in 2023. As an increasing number of women apply for service in the Swedish Armed Forces, the need for equipment adapted for women increases. For this reason, FMV has now signed an agreement with the company TYR Tactical regarding the delivery of body armour, with a better fit for women.

Marvin Lifbom is head of the joint materiel division at FMV and says that all soldiers will now have new body armour with optimal fit.

The shape of the average body has changed over the years. In addition, the existing body armour does not fit those who do not have the average body measurements. The Swedish Armed Forces is now conducting a study to calculate the new average body measurements, based on today’s conscripts.

”This study is an important signal that the Swedish Armed Forces is producing equipment for women. It is very important that the protection has the right size, weight and shape in order for the soldiers to be able to fulfill their tasks and maintain their fighting power” says Marvin Lifbom.

The new body armour will be delivered in 2023. At the same time, an additional number of the currently used Body Armour 12 will be purchased by the Swedish Armed Forces.