Supreme Commander’s comment on NATO membership application: “An important and historic decision”

On Monday afternoon, the Swedish government decided that Sweden will apply for NATO membership. Supreme Commander Micael Bydén commented on the decision at the press conference held at the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters.

Supreme Commander Micael Bydén
Supreme Commander Micael Bydén
Supreme Commander Micael Bydén commented on the decision to apply for Swedish Nato membership, at a press conference on monday afternoon. Photo: Henrik Lundqvist Rådmark/Swedish Armed Forces

“This is an important and historic decision. It is entirely in line with our military strategy and it will facilitate the task of the Swedish Armed Forces – to defend the country. This is why I have advised the government to take this decision", says Supreme Commander Micael Bydén.

He stresses that this is the first of several steps towards collective defence obligations that the Swedish Armed Forces will be assuming, calmly and systematically.

“As a Supreme Commander, I am guided by two starting points: Sweden’s military strategic interests and the best way of contributing to NATO’s deterrence in northern Europe. I know that we are most welcome into the alliance and I also know that Sweden’s membership will make NATO stronger."

When asked about the Swedish Armed Forces’ view of the threat Sweden may face during the time of membership application, the Supreme Commander responds that backlashes are to be expected; anything from verbal threats to influence operations, sabotage and cyber attacks.

“However, we’re taking a short-term risk in order to achieve long-term security”, says the Supreme Commander.