More weapons and ammunition as allocations increase

Allocations to the Swedish Armed Forces have increased by two billion Swedish krona in 2022 and the authorisation for military equipment orders is extended by more than 30 billion Swedish krona. This was settled in the deliberations with the parliamentary parties in the Swedish Defence Commission.

Air Defence battle group from the Air Defence Regiment, Lv6

The Swedish Defence Commission has decided to increase appropriations to the Swedish Armed Forces by two billion Swedish krona in 2022. In addition, the financial conditions will become more flexible, meaning that the Swedish Armed Forces can bring forward planned activity.

”Given the security policy development in Europe, it is important to reinforce the defence capability here and now, but also long term. It is reassuring to see the broad political endorsement of this agreement”, says Supreme Commander Micael Bydén.

The Supreme Commander says that this is another step towards increasing Swedish defence capability, with allocations equivalent of 2 per cent of the Swedish GDP. This is an important security policy signal, nationally as well as internationally.

Among the most important factors for enhancing the Swedish Armed Forces capability and endurance short-term is high quality ammunition such as air defence missiles and anti-tank weapons. Petrol, foodstuffs, medicines and medical supplies must also be procured. Orders are to be made shortly. Strengthening capabilities in Gotland is another area of focus.

”It is important to develop and administer the confidence we have been given by this political decision. The Swedish Armed Forces will continue to be a deterrent force against all types of threats, today as well as tomorrow”, says Supreme Commander Micael Bydén.