Military reinforcements across the country

The Swedish Armed Forces has decided to redeploy resources in order to strengthen the operational capability on several locations in the country.
“The security situation in the vicinity of Sweden has been serious for some time and the recent developments have further strengthened that picture,” says Chief of Joint Operations in the Swedish Armed Forces, Michael Claesson.

Michael Claesson
Michael Claesson
Michael Claesson is Chief of Joint Operations in the Swedish Armed Forces. Photo: Henrik Lundqvist Rådmark/Swedish Armed Forces

Increased Russian activities in the Baltic Sea have recently been observed by the Swedish Armed Forces, some of them with elements deviating from the normal picture. A number of amphibious warfare ships from the Russian Northern Fleet have passed through the Great Belt and continued into the Baltic Sea.

“This does not necessarily entail an increased threat, but we always adapt to the current situation”, says Michael Claesson, adding that some of the measures taken will be visible and others will not.

“In Gotland, the measures will be clearly visible, but there will be other redeployments of resources as well. All in all, capabilities from all armed forces will be concerned. We will be active in the air, at sea, below the surface and on land, in various ways and in different geographical locations” says Michael Claesson.