The Swedish Armed Forces´ support to Ukraine is growing

Since 2018, the Swedish Armed Forces has contributed with personnel to the Canadian-led training and exercise mission Operation Unifier. The Swedish contribution currently consists of four individuals. There are plans for it to be extended in the years to come.

Ukrainabesök vid Swedec 2020
Ukrainabesök vid Swedec 2020
The Swedish EOD and Demining Centre, SWEDEC, is one of the units contributing personnel in Operation Unifier. Photo: Daniel Wiberg/Swedish Armed Forces

Together with other countries, the Swedish Armed Forces trains and instructs Ukrainian security forces on location in Ukraine. This is part of the wide support offered to Ukraine by the international community.

“It is ultimately the responsibility of the Ukrainian security forces to defend their territory and protect the civilian population. By training and instructing these forces, we strengthen their ability to contribute to stability in their country. At the same time, we contribute to stability in the vicinity of Sweden”, says the Swedish Armed Forces Chief of Training and Development, Lieutenant-General Johan Svensson.

The Swedish Armed Forces’ contribution to Operation Unifier consists of an interpreter, a staff officer and instructors. Preparations are being made to enhance the contribution long term. According to a Swedish government decision, the Swedish Armed Forces is allowed to contribute up to 15 individuals.

“For a long period of time, the European security order has contributed to peace and stability in our region. It is all about principles and rights to self- determination and territorial integrity. Through the mission, the Swedish Armed Forces helps maintain this order. At the same time, the experiences from the training mission boost our own military capability” says Johan Svensson.

The Swedish Armed Forces’ commitment in Ukraine is the result of a direct request made by the Ukrainian government and the mission has been decided upon by the Swedish government.