Evacuation from Afghanistan completed

At a press conference on Friday, the Swedish government announced that the evacuation mission has been completed and that all Swedish personnel have now left Afghanistan.

Sverige evakuerar civila från flygplatsen i Kabul, Afghanistan
Sverige evakuerar civila från flygplatsen i Kabul, Afghanistan
The evacuation mission is completed. Photo: Alexander Gustavsson/Försvarsmakten

“I wish to emphasise that the support from the Swedish Armed Forces has created the necessary conditions for a successful operation. The operation will not be deemed completed by the Swedish Armed Forces until all Swedish personnel have returned to Sweden” says Michael Claesson, Chief of Joint Operations.

He stressed the excellent international cooperation and expressed his respect and gratitude towards the professional and courageous personnel who took part in the operation.

In total, 22 flights were carried out and more than 1 100 individuals were evacuated.

“The flights were carried out in a high risk area and the operation was conducted under extremely stressful conditions. I have the utmost respect for the special forces operatives who participated, as well as for the transport air division and Heavy Airlift Wing that organised flights to and from Kabul Airport, well aware of the risks involved."