Advanced CPX sharpens military cooperation

The large multinational command post exercise Joint Protector 21 was initiated on 16 September in Älvdalen.

Brigadier-General Johan Pekkari participates in the exercise as deputy chief of the national staff that is being exercised. Photo: Försvarsmakten

The launch of the exercise indicates that the exercised staff is now applying routines for coordination, planning, issuing of orders and other activities that must run smoothly during the ten days of the exercise. The first orders were given by the British directing staff. The exercise is centred around fictitious events, in which the staff needs to collect information, coordinate, plan and give orders to participating units.

“This exercise is important for the JEF cooperation and for the Swedish Armed Forces in order to enhance our ability to offer Host Nation Support to a large multi-national exercise on Swedish territory” says Brigadier-General Johan Pekkari, who participates in the exercise as deputy chief of the multi-national staff.

All countries involved in the JEF cooperation are represented in Älvdalen and one of the major purposes with the exercise is to practise multi-national cooperation. Different national methods, cultures and systems have to be integrated into a whole in order to lead a multi-national exercise in an international crisis situation below the level of open armed conflict.

“It is amazing to see that all the work invested in the exercise by the personnel in Älvdalen, the host unit P 4 and everyone else in the Swedish Armed Forces really pays off”, says Lieutenant-Colonel Stefan Hedmark, chief of plans for the Swedish Armed Forces’ Host Nation Support to the British exercise leader.