Vaccine for all personnel serving abroad

The government has announced that the Public Health Agency will ensure that all Armed Forces personnel serving abroad is vaccinated against Covid-19.

“I’m very pleased with the decision. This means that personnel already performing dangerous missions in hazardous environments will be able to complete their tasks with a considerably lower risk of being infected with Covid-19. It also means that they run a much smaller risk of spreading the virus in vulnerable areas., says Chief of Joint Operations, Michael Claesson.

Many of the Swedish Armed Forces’ partners, such as the UN, the EU and NATO have expressed concern that Swedish personnel have not been vaccinated, the way other nations have vaccinated theirs in the areas of operation.

“We are happy to inform them that we will now be able to continue working side by side in the AORs, with an undivided focus on our tasks instead of on the further spread of the virus”, says Major-General Michael Claesson.

Vaccination will be offered by the regional health authorities or be handled within the Swedish Armed Forces, depending on the burden on local health clinics.

“The Swedish Armed forces has not requested to be given preference, we have only informed the government of the current situation and how it affects us and the image of Sweden in various ways”, says Michael Claesson.