The Swedish Armed Forces to terminate the mission in Afghanistan

Following the US decision to withdraw from Afghanistan, NATO confirms that the Resolute
Support Mission, RSM, in which Sweden participates, will be terminated.

Swedish vehicles en route in Afghanistan.
Swedish vehicles en route in Afghanistan.
Patrol mission in northern Afghanistan in 2008 Photo: Swedish Armed Forces

Swedish military will therefore leave Afghanistan in September at the latest, in close
cooperation with Germany and NATO.

“The Swedish Armed Forces has had a presence in Afghanistan in nearly 20 years, with the remit of supporting the Afghan government with peace-building in the country. Sweden as well as other contributing countries have been prepared for the decision to terminate the mission”, says Chief of Joint Operations, Michael Claesson.

At present, Sweden has 16 individuals on location, mainly staff personnel deployed at Camp Marmal outside Mazar-e Sharif, as well as a few co-workers in Kabul. The Swedish contribution involves no heavy materiel systems. Therefore, no particular transport resources are required to bring Swedish personnel home.

“During the years with Swedish personnel on location, the capability of the Afghan security forces has been enhanced through cooperation, training and mentoring”, says Michael Claesson.

The overall objective concerning the Swedish contribution has been to contribute to the Afghan defence and security forces’ capability to handle security independently in the country.

“I wish to thank all Swedes who have contributed to increased stability and a more positive development in Afghanistan. I also wish to thank their families. At the same time, we wish to commemorate the five Swedes who fell victims during their service and also those who were hurt” says Chief of Joint Operations, Michael Claesson.

The final decision to terminate the mission will be made by the government.