The last Swedish troops return from Afghanistan

On 25 May, the last of the FS 40 Swedish troops landed at Jönköping airport, escorted by two JAS 39 Gripen fighter aircraft. The troops were then transported to Göta Engineers, their home regiment. And by that the twenty year-long operation in Afghanistan was concluded.

hemkomst fs40
hemkomst fs40
On 25 May, the FS 40 landed at Jönköping airport. Photo: Swedish Armed Forces
hemkomst fs40
The passenger aircraft carrying FS 40 was escorted by two JAS Gripen fighter aircraft. Photo: Swedish Armed Forces
FS19 Afghanistan. Patrull West of Mes. Pansarskytteplutonen Delta Quebec.
The last of the Swedish troops have left Afghanistan and that marks the end of the twenty year-long operation Photo: Swedish Armed Forces
Sista flyget från insatsen i Afghanistan i svenskt luftrum.
The final flight from the operation in Afghanistan was escorted by the Air Force. Photo: Swedish Armed Forces/Air Force
Anhörigmedalj för alla de anhöriga som på hemmaplan har stöttat deras familjemedlemmar under tiden de har varit på insats.
On 27 May is the decorating ceremony at Göta Engineers for the FS 40. Photo: Viktoria Szakacs/Swedish Armed Forces

“I welcome the FS 40 unit back home and thank them for their service, just as I thank all other Swedish troops that have served in Afghanistan, enabling a positive development to take place in the country,” says Chief of Joint Operations Lieutenant General Michael Claesson.

In the years that Swedish troops have been on site, the Afghan defence forces’ capability to autonomously manage the security in the country has increased. Swedish troops have trained, mentored and cooperated with the Afghan forces.

“The operation in Afghanistan has been one of the most extensive international missions ever. And it has come at a high price. Five Swedish soldiers were killed in action and 24 were injured, some have suffered life-long injuries”, says Lieutenant General Michael Claesson.

FS 40, the last unit to serve in the operation in Afghanistan, will now be disarmed, and on 27 May there is a decoration ceremony at Göta Engineers Regiment in the presence of Supreme Commander General Micael Bydén.