Adapted Veterans' Day celebrations

This year’s Veterans’ Day was held at Berga castle at the 1st Marine Regiment. As last year, the ceremony was a digital event broadcast live on the Swedish Armed Forces’ Youtube channel. The ceremony was hosted by Swedish TV-presenters Kattis Ahlström and Daniel Nybling .

The decorated officers received their medal from King Carl XVI Gustaf. Photo: Niklas Englund/Swedish Armed Forces
Kattis Ahlström var tillsammans med Daniel Nybling från Veterancentrum
The live broadcast was hosted by Kattis Ahlström and Daniel Nybling, from the Swedish Armed Forces' Veteran Centre. Photo: Niklas Engdal/Swedish Armed Forces
Fältartisten Jill Jonsson uppträder på veterandagen vid Berga slott 2021
Country star Jill Johnson was one of the entertainers at the ceremony at Berga castle. Photo: Niklas Engdal/Swedish Armed Forces
Dragonmusikkåren vid Berga slott på veterandagsfirandet 2021.
The Royal Swedish Cavalry Band played. Photo: Niklas Engdal/Swedish Armed Forces
Missing man-formation över Veteranmonumentet Restare, på Djurgården i Stockholm.
The Swedish air force performed a so-called missing man overflight over Stockholm, in honour of veterans that paid with their lives during service. Photo: Niklas Engdal/Swedish Armed Forces
The ceremony in Stockholm was attended by Prince Carl Philip, Supreme Commander General Micael Bydén, King Carl Gustaf, former Supreme Commander Sverker Göransson, Speaker of the Parliament Andreas Norlén and Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist. Photo: Niklas Engdal/Swedish Armed Forces
King Carl Gustaf at the Veteran Memorial, in honour of the men and women that have worked for peace and security. Photo: Niklas Engdal/Swedish Armed Forces

The Veterans’ Day is Sweden’s recognition of personnel who have served abroad, both armed and unarmed.

The celebrations began with the commemoration of fallen veterans, with an overflight of JAS Gripen fighter aircraft in a so-called missing man formation, as well as wreath-laying at the Veterans’ monument in Djurgården in Stockholm.

A number of individuals were then decorated for their achievements during their service abroad. One of them was Major Max Ulleberg who had led his unit during the attacks against Camp Taji in Iraq in 2020. Sergeant Anne Fernström and Corporal William Stålhök were awarded the Medal of Merit for having negotiated with hostile militia, in perilous conditions, in Timbuktu 2019. Also, private Kjell Jonsson and Kenneth Nyberg were awarded medals for being wounded in battle during incidents in Gaza in 1957 and the Congo in 1961.

Speeches were given at the ceremony by the Speaker of the Swedish parliament, Andreas Norlén, as well as by Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist and Supreme Commander Micael Bydén.

“We are here today to commemorate those who were forced to give their lives for their achievements, those who are no longer with us. We also wish to honour those who were injured as well as those who returned safe and sound”, said Supreme Commander Micael Bydén.

Entertainment was provided by the Swedish Armed Forces’ musical entertainers, represented by Jill Johnson, Petra Wahlgren, Per-Erik Domargård, Martin Ehntorp, Barbro Lindkvist, Kristoffer Gustavsson and Tomas Boström. In addition, the Royal Swedish Cavalry Band participated.