Sweden is granted extended rights to offer and receive military support from Finland

On 8 September 2020, the Swedish Parliament granted the Government extended rights to decide on offering and receiving operational, military support within the scope of the defence cooperation between Sweden and Finland. The law enters into force on 15 October 2020.

Finland deltog med flera soldater och officerare under försvarsövningen Aurora 2017.
Finnish and Swedish soldiers during exercise Aurora 17. Photo: Swedish Armed Forces

Among other things, the Government will be able to make decisions on offering military support to Finland to prevent violations of Finnish territory, and on receiving military support from Finland to prevent violations of Swedish territory or to face an armed attack on Sweden. However, a decision to support Finland in the event of an armed attack on Finland will still require the approval of the Swedish Parliament.

“In terms of security policy, the decision sends signals to the surrounding world that further accentuate the close cooperation between Finland and Sweden, which is continually developing”, Lieutenant-General Michael Claesson, the Swedish Armed Forces’ Chief of Joint Operations, says.

As the Government is granted this decision-making power, the process is accelerated, which is vital in the event of a rapidly occurring crisis in the Baltic Sea area.

“The situation in the surrounding world is more unstable than before and the Swedish Armed Forces therefore welcomes the decision, which contributes considerably to our freedom of action”, Lieutenant-General Michael Claesson says.