Lena Persson Herlitz, new Head of the Policy and Plans Department

The Supreme Commander has appointed Lena Persson Herlitz as the new head of the Policy and Plans Department. In connection with assuming her new position on 10 September she is promoted to Major General. She will also be a member of the Armed Forces Superior Command.

Lena Persson Herlitz, chef för ledningsstabens inriktningsavdelning.
Lena Persson Herlitz, chef för ledningsstabens inriktningsavdelning.
Lena Persson Herlitz assumes her new position on 10 September. Photo: Henrik Lundqvist Rådmark/Swedish Armed Forces

"It is exciting to be entrusted with leading the Policy and plans Department in a time characterised by a changing security situation, in the midst of an on-going pandemic. I am really looking forward to taking part in ensuring that the Armed Forces is prepared to face future challenges", Major General Persson Herlitz says.

In 1991, Lena began her career in the Armed Forces in the then Coastal Artillery (KA 4) in Gothenburg. Lena Persson Herlitz says she came in to the job with a strong sense of wanting to contribute and do something meaningful.

"It is with a certain sense of satisfaction that I note that there is now a broader understanding for the need of a robust total defence, and that the current discussion is about reinforcing and developing our organisation and not dismantling it. I see it as a very positive sign that the unit where I started off my military career is likely to be re-established in the coming Defence Bill, as the Älvsborg Amphibious Regiment", Lena Persson Herlitz continues.

Over the past few years, Lena Persson Herlitz has been deputy head of the Policy and Plans Department as well as the military strategic operational commander at the Chief of Defence Staff. Her career spans nearly three decades and has seen her taking on a number of different posts, as for example head of unit in international missions to Kosovo and Afghanistan.

"Every job has its own thrill, but for me personally, I would say that the international missions have been the most challenging and developing".

Lena Persson Herlitz was born in 1967 and lives in Saltsjöbaden, near Stockholm, with her husband Fredrik. Together they have a grown son. In her spare time, Lena enjoys sailing, diving and spending time in the Stockholm archipelago.

"One might say that I fell for the Navy’s recruitment slogan that was launched in the early 1990s, “a varied career in the archipelago”, however, that does seem a little distant now sitting behind the desk at the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters", Lena Persson Herlitz says.

Lena Persson Herlitz’ appointed successor as deputy head of the Policy and Plans Department is Brigadier General Johan Pekkari.