Exercises, assistance and border protection – the Swedish Armed Forces has had an intense spring

During the ongoing pandemic, the Armed Forces has been assisting the community, while at the same time performing its regular duties, conducting readiness checks, exercising on its own and together with Swedish partner countries, as well as protecting the country’s borders.

Visningsbild för film. Försvarsmaktens intensiva vår.
Look at the video clip of the Armed Forces' intense spring activities. Photo: Swedish Armed Forces

"It is our job to protect Sweden against an armed attack, no matter what situation our country is in at the moment. It is crucial to continue to train and develop our capabilities, especially now as our society is under a lot of pressure", deputy head of operations Major General Urban Molin, says.

The Air Force has co-exercised with parts of the US Air Force. The Navy has conducted the SWENEX exercise, which focused i.a. on naval security operations. The Army has conducted many final exercises. In parallel with the exercise activities, the Armed Forces has also conducted several unannounced operational readiness checks; the most recent of which was to test the capacity to carry out joint naval combat, fighting adversaries simultaneously from the ground, at sea and from the air with anti-surface ship missile 15.

"The situation in the world has become unpredictable and unstable. Should a conflict arise in the Baltic Sea Region, it would inevitably affect Sweden in one way or another. However, a robust defence gives us the capability to manage conflicts and protect the community", General Major Molin says.

In recent times, the Armed Forces has demonstrated capability for rapid response, with the units that are available, at sea, on the ground and in the air, single-handedly and together with others, while at the same time offering extensive assistance to the civilian community.

"The task of the Armed Forces is unique, we defend Sweden against an armed attack and contribute to securing Sweden’s freedom, democracy and our right to live the way we choose", General Major Molin concludes.