The Supreme Commander comments on the report of the Government Defence Commission

On 14 May, the Government Defence Commission, a working group consisting of representatives of all political parties, presented their report to the Defence Minister. The report contains proposals on investments to continue the growth of the military defence, which sends an important signal that the Swedish defence capability is vital.

ÖB Micael Bydén håller anförande på Folk & Försvars rikskonferens i Sälen.
ÖB Micael Bydén håller anförande på Folk & Försvars rikskonferens i Sälen.
Photo: Josef Björnetun/Swedish Armed Forces

Next year, the Swedish Parliament (the Riksdag) will decide on the direction of the defence policy for the time period 2021 to 2025. The Government Defence Commission’s report will serve as a basis for the political process.

The report contains proposals for investments to be made in the military defence, as well as in the total defence in general. The uncertain and complex situation in the world is the starting point of the report. The perspective study by the Swedish Armed Forces has been useful material for the work of the Commission.

– At first glance, we see that the report largely is in line with the military council that the Armed Forces has presented. It is positive that the Defence Commission suggests efforts to be made on continued growth. It sends a clear signal that the Swedish defence capability is vital, and that it needs to grow more, says Supreme Commander Micael Bydén.

The coming defence decision will determine at what pace and to what degree our defence capability can develop. Early political decisions will need to be made regarding personnel growth, procurement of complex materiel systems and new infrastructure. The Armed Forces is now facing complex planning.

– In our assessment, we will now have to make cost estimates and feasibility studies according to the proposal of the Defence Commission, and later this year we will be able to present a well-prepared report for continued political consideration.