Swedish marines and U.S marines solve a joint operation

Swedish marines and American marines are currently practicing to find common approaches in order to fight in the Swedish archipelago. The exercise Archipelago endeavour 2018 is a part of the letter of intent that was signed between Sweden and the United States at a political level in 2016.

A important part in the exercise is the exchange of experiences and knowledge between soldiers and officers. Photo: Maja Hansson/Försvarsmakten
The commander of 204. Marine company, captain Petter Blandford, in a conversation with admiral James Foggo. During Archipelago Endeavour, the American soldiers are integrated with the Swedish marine company. Photo: Maja Hansson/Försvarsmakten
During three weeks total are the exercise being practiced in many ways, from small groups to companies. Photo: Maja Hansson/Försvarsmakten
The commander of the second marine battalion, colonel lieutenant Patrik Berge in a conversation with the American admiral James Foggo. Photo: Maja Hansson/Försvarsmakten

Right now the exercise Archipelago Endeavour 2018 are being executed in the Stockholm archipelago where the Swedish marines are practicing with the U.S marines.

"Archipelago Endeavour is an important exercise for us at the 1 st Marine Regiment. At the present, there is only one marine battalion in Sweden, and in order for us to develop our abilities we need to practice and exchange experiences between other equivalent units, such as the U.S marines," says lieutenant colonel Patrik Berge, commander of the second marine battalion.

This is the first time that American and Swedish soldiers are integrated into an amphibious rifle company with a joint commander. The exercise is carried out over three weeks and there are many stages that the company will need to practice. The goal for the unit is to carry out a joint company assault in the outer archipelago in the last week of the exercise.

"Right now are we carrying out preparatory exercises for the upcoming company assault next week. The exercises are carried out at group, platoon and company level in order to allow soldiers and officers to share and learn from each other’s experiences and knowledge. We are from different units but through the exercise Archipelago Endeavour we will jointly be able to carry out assaults in the archipelago environment as a unit," says captain Petter Blandford company commander of the 204. marine company.

The exercise Archipelago Endeavour is implemented as part of the letter of intent that was signed between Sweden and the United States at a political level in 2016, where the willingness was, among other things, to increase the number of joint exercises between the countries.