Comparative tests of handheld mine detectors

Tests held at SWEDEC - Swedish EOD and Demining centre

As a part of the Swedish Armed Forces (SAF) plan to replace and upgrade the range of handheld sensors used by SAF EOD, as well as keeping up-to-date on the current market, comparison tests of handheld mine detectors from a variety of seven companies are being conducted at the test facilities of SWEDEC.

Minsökartest vid SWEDEC i Eksjö 2017.
Minsökartest vid SWEDEC i Eksjö 2017.
The tests are conducted at SWEDECs specially adapted facilities in Eksjö. Photo: Monica Sandsvik Svensson
Testbilder vid minsökartest vid Swedec i Eksjö 2017.
SWEDECs test leader Joachim Engblom (to the right) are giving instructions to representatives from the company Schiebel. Photo: Monica Sandsvik Svensson
Minsökartest på SWEDEC i Eksjö maj 2017.
Sophea Lorn, Branch Manager at Schiebel is testing their handheld mine detector. Photo: Monica Sandsvik Svensson
Representanter från minsökareföretag. SWEDEC 2017.
Sophea Lorn, Brand Manager, Justinas Gudaitis, Sales Director booth from Schiebel, but from different countries - Mr lorn from Cambodia and Mr Gudaitis from Austria. On the left Jon Leech C-IED/EOD Product Manager from Chemring in United Kingdom. Photo: Monica Sandsvik Svensson

The Swedish EOD and Demining Centre – SWEDEC - is Sweden’s Centre of Excellence in the field of ordnance disposal and mine clearance. Our personnel includes military and civilian researchers who are experienced ordnance engineers, officers, and experts with extensive knowledge and practice in demining operations.

SWEDECs expertise is available to the Swedish Armed Forces and organisations active in this area and work in partnership with the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and the Swedish Police Authority. SWEDEC also work with international organisations such as the NATO Science and Technology Organization (NATO-STO) and the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD).

The tests are held between 29 of May to 16 of June 2017 at the Swedish EOD and Demining Centre in Eksjö.

Seven companies from eight countries

A large numbers of manufactures of mine detectors worldwide have submitted their applications to take part in this event. The applications received have been subjected to a selection process and a shortlist of eight products from seven companies has been chosen.
The products will be run through numerous comprehensive tests in diverse targets, soil types and environments.

Sophea Lorn, Brand Manager from Schiebel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and his colleague from Vienna, Austria Justinas Gudaitis, Sales Director, is in Eksjö for their first visit.
- We are so impressed with the well organised tests. Everything is so well prepared, says Justinas Gudaitis.

A win win-situation

Dr Salam Mohammed, the Research Director at SWEDEC explains that the test results can be used as a basis to help SWEDEC and the Swedish Armed Forces as well as others partners to find and choose the right product in this field.  And the companies get a proper review on their products.

Test Attendees
  • Chemring Technology Solutions Limited, UK
  • Vallon GmbH, Germany
  • Ebinger Preuf-und Ortungstechnik GmbH, Germany
  • L3 Security and Detection System CyTerra, USA
  • Schiebel Mine Detection GmbH, Austria
  • Minelab Electronics Pty Limited, Australia
  • Guldström&Co AB, Sweden