The end of this year´s CJSE is the beginning of Viking 18

The 12th edition of the Combined Joint Staff Exercise, CJSE, is completed. With satisfying results The Joint Signal School is now looking forward to next year´s even bigger exercise, Viking 18.

Visningsbild för CJSE-film från YouTube.

Lieutenant colonel Olof Katrin, Officer with Primary Responsibility for both CJSE 17 and Viking 18, sums up this year´s exercise in positive terms.

− The overall results lead in a positive direction. We have achieved the goal for this year´s exercise and are now looking forward to Viking 18, says lieutenant colonel Olof Katrin.

The aim of Viking 18 is to train and educate the participants to work with a comprehensive approach where civilian actors and the military work together to meet the challenges of future multidimensional crisis response and peace operations.